International Shipping

International Shipping

We use Swiss Post to deliver. Average shipping times using International Priority mail are as follows:

  1. North America: 6 to 8 Business days
  2. Europe: 4 to 8 Business days
  3. Asia Pacific: 8 to 16 Business days
  4. Australia: 8 to 16 Business days

These delivery times are of course out of our hands and based on normal circumstances. So please be patient.

Guaranteed delivery

All deliveries are guaranteed and sent direct with full tracking information so you can trace the journey from our warehouse in Switzerland to your doorstep. If there is a lack of detail in the tracking information that is because your countries postal service has not updated the information.

Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders.

If you do not receive your shipment (unlikely) we will either replace it or refund your money.

Do we ship to your country?

We guarantee delivery to your door anywhere in the world unless the non- delivery is caused by customer’s error, for example you give us an incorrect address. If you see your country at the checkout then the answer is yes, we ship to your country. If you have had previous bad experience ordering online and think your parcel is likely to be rejected by your countries Customs, please don’t order. If tracking indicates that your package was delivered, we will not be responsible if it goes missing. Ask your housemate- he may be smoking them.

Order confirmation

All orders are subject to confirmation by You will receive an “Order Received” email once you complete the checkout. We reserve the right not to serve certain orders based on our sole discretion. This is mostly due to suspected fraud, shipping conditions being less than ideal at the destination country or something looking suspicious in the way order was placed. No order is considered binding on us until we accept, confirm, process and ship it. An order is not considered “Confirmed” until we have verified with the warehouse that we still have the item(s) in stock. If we do not have the product in stock at the time of purchase, we will inform you accordingly.

Duty and Shipping

Most international orders are subject to Customs Duty and Tax regulations specified by the designated country and are the sole responsibility of the customer. You may contact your local customs office for details. Once your order has been dispatched, you cannot refuse the shipment.

How do we ship your cigars?

Your cigars will arrive in perfect condition, direct, fresh and original- we wouldn’t want it any other way. Each order is sent with a Boveda pouch to ensure freshness. You can choose to have the cigars inspected before we send them out- free of charge. Once you receive them, ensure you keep them at around 70RH and they’ll be good for decades.

Packages discreetly sent