Shipping with us

How do we get you your cigars?


Online Cigars is proud to ship all over the world, with unlimited free worldwide delivery on all our products. We get asked a lot about how our cigars reach our customers- so here’s a walkthrough of our process.

  • Checkout

Our simple, secure checkout process accepts both credit card and bank transfer payments. We also allow customers in certain countries to pay either in 30 days or in three instalments! We aim to process all payments promptly and ship your products within 48 working hours of receiving them. We will contact your when your order is accepted.


  • We process your order

Once payment is accepted, our team will package your cigars, and dispatch them by courier straight to you. You will be able to track progress every step of the way and of course we’ll be happy to keep you informed on the progress of your order.

  • Dispatch

Within 48 hours of your order being accepted, we will dispatch your cigars from our warehouse. We always use guaranteed delivery on our products and ship with EMS, the International Priority Postal Express Mail Service- so your cigars are delivered quickly and safely, and tracking is available each step of the way. We vacuum seal each parcel for delivery along with a Boveda humidity pouch which ensures your cigars arrive in perfect condition.

  • International shipping

Your cigars will pass through the relevant port authorities to reach you. This does sometimes lead to delays, depending on the rules in your particular country. Occasionally an additional fee will be payable to the relevant customs authority in order for your product to clear customs. This is always a result of your country’s regulations, and not something we control. Customers are liable for costs incurred due to customs in their home country. We will of course always assist you as best we can and if you require any extra information or assistance please contact our team. We successfully ship cigars all over the world and we will always do everything possible to get your order to you as quickly and easily as possible.

Shipping Options:
– FREE Shipping – Standard airmail shipping
– Express Ship (EMS) – £25 – Express Mail Shipping – Receive your order in half the time! (Usually)
– FedEx (P.O.A) – Your order will be dispatched via FedEx, the price will be worked out after your order has been packed and sent to the couriers. You will need to pay the shipping costs once they are available before your order is dispatched. If FedEx payment is not received within 3 working days, your order will be dispatched via our standard free shipping. Please Note: This is a more expensive service and is intended for larger orders.

Average international shipping times are as follows:

North America:
FREE Shipping: 6 to 8 Business days
Express Ship (EMS):
3 to 4 Business days

FREE Shipping:
4 to 8 Business days
Express Ship (EMS):
2 to 4 Business days

Asia Pacific:
FREE Shipping:
8 to 16 Business days
Express Ship (EMS)
: 4 to 8 Business days

FREE Shipping:
8 to 16 Business days
Express Ship (EMS):
4 to 8 Business days

These delivery times are of course out of our hands and based on normal circumstances. If customs authorities intercept the parcel then they will notify you, not us. Please take these as averages- your order may take longer.

  • Domestic shipping

Once your cigars have cleared customs, they will shipped straight to you using the local courier service. We take the greatest care of your order and ensure it arrives as quickly, smoothly and safely as possible. We always put our customers first and keep you informed throughout the process. In the very unlikely case that your order does not reach you within two months, we will of course refund you. See our FAQs page for more information.

  • Your cigars reach you

Your order should reach you as quickly and smoothly as possible. If this is not the case, or if you have any questions or complaints, please feel free to speak to our team. Once you’ve received your cigars, if you have any feedback please do let us know. Also, please leave a review on Trust Pilot. Happy smoking!