Klarna – How it Works

How does Klarna work?

Buy now, pay later!

No fees, no worries and no fear of missing out.

Klarna is the easy and hassle free way of ordering your cigars before you pay for them. This means it completely removes any worry you may have and also means you can order those rare and hard to find smokes even if the timings not quite right.

Please Note: This option is currently only available for UK customers – sorry about that!


1. Add those delicious cigars to your basket and continue to Checkout.

2. Select Klarna under Payments and choose how you want to pay.

3. Place your order and you’ll receive an email from Klarna telling you what to do next.

4. Sit back, enjoy your cigars and let tomorrow’s you worry about the rest…

Having trouble paying with KLARNA?

Double check the billing and shipping address match exactly.

Some hard and fast reasons to not be accepted:
– Under 18 years
– Non UK address
– Can’t find a record of this person

To clarify there is no ‘hard’ credit check performed. Klarna look to match the details provided with a credit bureau, this can be classed as a ‘soft search’, and then assess internally if they will approve the purchase.

Ways to increase the likelihood of acceptance:

– Decrease order value.
– Use an address you have a long history with.
– Avoid using a business address.
– Ship to the same address as billing.

What is KLARNA?

Pay Later with Klarna is available to all customers with a billing and delivery address registered in the UK and your order will need to be placed in GBP. If you are using a gift voucher or discount coupon and you’re spending more than its value, you may be able to pay the remaining balance of your order using Klarna.

How do I pay with KLARNA?

To pay using Klarna, you’ll need to provide your mobile number as they may need to contact you. We’ll also need your email address so that Klarna can send your payment statement. It’s important that you provide the correct details, as you won’t receive the relevant payment information.

When will I receive my payment statement?

Once you’ve placed your order using Klarna, you’ll receive an email from them within 2 days with payment instructions. You’ll then have 30 days to complete the payment online. You can pay at your convenience, with no extra cost via credit or debit card. You’ll receive a reminder two days before your payment is due, and you’ll also receive email reminders.


Online-Cigars Customer Services are unable to assist with queries or questions regarding paying by Klarna, if the option is not displayed at checkout, then the option to pay by KLARNA is not available for your order. If the option to purchase and pay by KLARNA is available, however it does not permit you to check-out then this maybe due to the response received back from the automated process. To complete your purchase an alternative payment method will be required. Online-Cigars has no influence over Klarna and cannot assist or help you manage your Klarna account or any payments relating to Klarna purchases.