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Buy Partagas Cigars Online - Partagas Cuban Cigars for Sale

Partagas stands as a pinnacle of greatness in the cigar world, offering aficionados a sublime smoking experience

The brand's dedication to quality ensures that each cigar is a masterpiece of complexity and aroma, setting the standard for luxury smoking. 

Find Partagas Cuban cigars for sale online, and buy a piece of excellence that is rooted in Cuban heritage.

More About the Brand

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  1. Partagas Aliados LCDH
    Box of 20
    Special Price £1,199 Regular Price £1,499
  2. Partagas Legados Limited Edition 2020
    Box of 25
    Special Price £1,599 Regular Price £1,699
  3. Partagas Mille Fleurs
    Box of 25
    Special Price £296 Regular Price £299
  4. Partagas Serie E No. 2
    Box of 25
    Special Price £798 Regular Price £799
  5. Partagas Serie E No. 2 Gran Reserva Cosecha 2015
    Box of 15
    Special Price £4,499 Regular Price £6,199
  6. Partagas Serie Mini 100s
    10 x pack of 10
    Special Price £32 Regular Price £83
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Are Partagas cigars good?

Yes, these cigars are highly regarded for their quality and rich flavor, rooted in a long tradition of Cuban cigar-making excellence. They are particularly appreciated by connoisseurs for their incredible taste and impeccable craftsmanship.

Are Partagas cigars 100% tobacco?

Absolutely, they are made from 100% natural tobacco. This includes the filler, binder, and wrapper, ensuring a pure and authentic smoking experience.

Are there different series or lines within the Partagas brand?

Yes, the brand offers various series and lines, such as the Serie D No. 4 Serie E, and Black Label. Each has distinct flavor profiles and sizes, catering to a range of preferences.

Are Partagas cigars by General Cigar Company the same as Cuban Partagas?

No, they share the name but differ in origin and tobacco sources. The original Partagas Cuban cigars are made by Habanos SA in Cuba. On the other hand, General Cigar Company produces a separate line outside Cuba, mainly in the Dominican Republic. 

What types of tobacco are used in Partagas cigars?

Cigars predominantly use Cuban tobacco, especially from the Vuelta Abajo region. This region is famous for its rich soil and optimal tobacco-growing conditions. The blend varies across different lines, like the Partagas Serie, ensuring a unique and diverse flavor profile.

What sizes and shapes (vitolas) do Partagas cigars come in?

Cigars are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes (vitolas), from robustos and coronas to longer formats like the Lusitania. Each is designed to offer a unique smoking experience.

Where can I buy Partagas?

You can buy these cigars from authorized retailers, from physical stores such as your local cigar shops to trustworthy online cigar stores like Online Cigars

​​How much is a real Partagas cigar worth?

The Partagas cigars’ price can vary considerably, typically ranging from $10 to $50 per cigar. It can vary widely based on the series, size, and where it's purchased. 

How should I properly store Partagas cigars to maintain their freshness?

Store cigars in a humidor at 68-72% humidity and 65-70°F (18-21°C) to maintain their freshness, flavor, and burn quality.

How to be sure that my Partagas cigar is real and do you offer an authenticity check?

Ensure your cigar is real by purchasing from reputable dealers. Look for proper labeling and packaging, including the official holographic Habanos sticker. 

At Online Cigars, we understand the importance of authenticity for a premium smoking experience. That's why we offer authenticity checks for all our customers, giving you peace of mind that your purchase is genuine and of the highest standard.

​​How many cigars are in one pack?

A cart box typically has 10, 20, or 25 cigars, but the count can vary based on the specific product line or edition.