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  1. $100 Cohibas Coming As Cuban Cigar Prices Going Up

    Price Rise on Cohiba and Trinidad Cuban Cigars

    Habanos S.A. Raising Prices Across The Board, Cohiba and Trinidad To Get Biggest Increases, Prices In Havana Going Up As Well

    Article from Cigar Aficionado  | May 10, 2022 | By Gregory Mottola

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  2. Obvious signs of fake cigars that everyone who wants to buy Cuban cigars should know

    Fake Cuban Cigars

    Fake or counterfeit Cuban cigars are a big issue for anyone wanting to buy Cuban cigars. Whether you are looking for cheap cigars, or someone is offering you a deal that seems too good to be true, these are the easy ways to identify if those cigars are fake.

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  3. What is “dry boxing” cigars and how to do it?

    Dryboxing a Cohiba Esplendidos Cigar

    If you have been smoking cigars for a while, or hanging around in online forums and social media, you might have heard the term “Dry Boxing” cigars. But what does this mean, and should you be dry boxing your cigars to get the best enjoyment out of them?

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  4. What are these green or pale spots and marks on my cigar?

    Pale spots and green stains on cigar wrapper

    Cigars can have minor imperfections, afterall they are a handmade from natural items. There can therefore be some marks, spots and stains on a cigar's wrapper. But what are they and what causes them?

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  5. Why Won’t My Cigar Draw? Is it Plugged?

    PerfecDraw Tool for Plugged Cigars

    You might have heard of a plugged cigar, or come across a cigar that won't draw. If you are struggling to smoke your cigar, and it seems like it is blocked and there is no airflow going through it (and yes, you have cut it first!), here’s what to do.

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  6. Should I Leave Cigars to Rest When Buying Cigars Online

    Resting Cuban Cigars in a Humidor

    If you are buying cigars online, you might have heard the term “resting” your cigars. But do you need to rest cigars if they have been shipped to you, or can you smoke them right away? And if you should rest your cigars, how long do you need to rest them for?

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  7. What’s a good cigar for a beginner?

    How to Choose First Cigar

    If you are new to cigars and looking for the best cigar to try first, it can be tricky. There are so many available, it’s hard to know which are good for someone new to smoking cigars. Should you buy a Cuban cigar, or should you buy a Nicaraguan cigar? Is a small cigar better for a beginner, or a large cigar? Should a newbie try a dark or light wrapper. The choices seem endless.

    Here are some tips to help you find the best cigar for a beginner. You’ll also find some of the best cigars for beginners in the recommendations at the end.

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  8. Habanos Authenticity Checker NOT WORKING?!

    How to use Habanos Varifier

    The Habanos Authenticity Checker is a useful tool to verify whether your Cuban cigars are real or fake. Using the barcode numbers on the cigar box, imputed into Habanos website, it can help to tell if your Cuban cigars are genuine. The website can be found here:

    The problem is, the Habanos Verifier is often not working…

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  9. Tobacco Seeds Discovered Among Stone Age Ruins

    Tobacco Field

    It has been historically accepted that indigenous peoples in the New World began smoking tobacco approximately 3,000 years ago, a delightful find that Sir Walter Raleigh brought back to England in the sixteenth century. But recently unearthed evidence now strongly suggests that tobacco use is far older than originally believed, and has been part of North American history for some 12,000 years.

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  10. What are EMS cigars and what is so special about them?

    EMS Cigars Sticker

    Many aficionados speak about EMS, or English Market Selection, cigars as if there is something special or different about them from Havana cigars found in the rest of Europe and other countries. But is there any merit to it? Or, is it just something to brag about for those people who can easily afford to pay the higher prices?

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