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  1. Should I Leave Cigars to Rest When Buying Cigars Online

    Resting Cuban Cigars in a Humidor

    If you are buying cigars online, you might have heard the term “resting” your cigars. But do you need to rest cigars if they have been shipped to you, or can you smoke them right away? And if you should rest your cigars, how long do you need to rest them for?

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  2. What’s a good cigar for a beginner?

    How to Choose First Cigar

    If you are new to cigars and looking for the best cigar to try first, it can be tricky. There are so many available, it’s hard to know which are good for someone new to smoking cigars. Should you buy a Cuban cigar, or should you buy a Nicaraguan cigar? Is a small cigar better for a beginner, or a large cigar? Should a newbie try a dark or light wrapper. The choices seem endless.

    Here are some tips to help you find the best cigar for a beginner. You’ll also find some of the best cigars for beginners in the recommendations at the end.

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  3. Habanos Authenticity Checker NOT WORKING?!

    How to use Habanos Varifier

    The Habanos Authenticity Checker is a useful tool to verify whether your Cuban cigars are real or fake. Using the barcode numbers on the cigar box, imputed into Habanos website, it can help to tell if your Cuban cigars are genuine. The website can be found here:

    The problem is, the Habanos Verifier is often not working…

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  4. Tobacco Seeds Discovered Among Stone Age Ruins

    Tobacco Field

    It has been historically accepted that indigenous peoples in the New World began smoking tobacco approximately 3,000 years ago, a delightful find that Sir Walter Raleigh brought back to England in the sixteenth century. But recently unearthed evidence now strongly suggests that tobacco use is far older than originally believed, and has been part of North American history for some 12,000 years.

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  5. What are EMS cigars and what is so special about them?

    EMS Cigars Sticker

    Many aficionados speak about EMS, or English Market Selection, cigars as if there is something special or different about them from Havana cigars found in the rest of Europe and other countries. But is there any merit to it? Or, is it just something to brag about for those people who can easily afford to pay the higher prices?

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  6. Cuban Cigar Brands Strength

    Cuban Cigar Brands Strength

    Cuban cigars come in a vast variety to ensure there's a cigar to suit every taste. This can however make it a bit confusing to know which cigars are going to be right for your palate so that you can confidently place your order online. Whilst strength may not be the final deciding factor of your Cuban cigar enjoyment, it can make a big difference. For example, many cigar smokers may not wish to smoke a full strength Cuban cigar, such as a Cohiba Behike, at breakfast; it may be too strong for that time of the day. Cuban cigars don't just stick to one strength for all of their ranges, many offer different lines (or linea) in different strengths to ensure you can get the taste you love but for different occasions. If you are not sure what strength you enjoy, find your favourite brand of Habanos below and match it up with some you may have previously overlooked!

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  7. How to Store Your Cigars

    Partagas Serie D No. 4 Cigars

    Storing your cigars correctly is important for any cigar smoker. The best way to store a cigar is in a humidor, which properly maintains the wrapper’s oils and humidity allowing your cigars to keep, as well as develop and mature, for many years. Cigars can generally stay fresh for around three days without proper storage, but any longer than that you will start to notice a negative difference to the taste and burn of your cigar. 

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  8. Cigar Plume or Mould?

    Plume or Mould

    One of the biggest questions in the cigar world is, “Is this plume or mould?” Whether you call it plume, ploom or bloom, what is it and how do you tell the difference between it and mould? How can you identify bad types of mould which may occur on your cigars or whether it is safe to smoke a cigar?

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  9. Should I Remove the Cellophane when Storing Cigars in my Humidor?

    Cigar in Cellophane Wrapper

    A question cigar smokers often ask, more so when buying New World cigars online, is, how do I store cigars which are presented in cellophane? Many cigar smokers who buy Cuban cigars may not know much about cigars in cellophane, as they are a bit of a rarity on premium Habanos. If however you are buying New World cigars such as Davidoff, Oliva and other popular brands, most of their cigars come with a thin plastic wrapper around them. If you are not planning to smoke them right away, do they need to be kept in a humidor and should you take them out of their packaging?

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  10. Cigars Vs Cigarettes

    Cigars vs Cigarettes

    Cigars and cigarettes are both one of the many ways in which tobacco is consumed, but that is almost where their similarities end. Cigars and cigarettes are often lumped together due to the fact they may look similar and are smoked in what seems a similar way, but the two experiences are entirely different. From the tobacco used, to the way they are produced, to the way they are enjoyed, there are many differences which set cigars above the rest of the tobacco family. 

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