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Nicarao Exclusivo Robusto Extra

Box of 20
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Price for Unit £7
Weight 1.220000
Cuban/World World
Region Nicaragua
Strength Medium - Full
Packaging Box of 20
Length in Inches 5.5
Ring Gauge 58

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Blend: Nicaraguan puro (wrapper, binder and filler) blended with vintage leaves. Natural maduro habano (sp.) wrapper low-fermented for around 20 months and later aged for minimum 2 years.
Leaves ages: Certified aged leaves of minimum 5 years including a 9 years old ligero.
Aromas & Taste: Aromatic explosion, sweetness and silkiness. Amongst the variety of aromas, animal, spicy, toasty, sweet, coffee and chocolate scents can mostly be appreciated.
Strength: #7 fortaleza – Medium to full body cigar
Progression: Rare evolution among aromatic profiles
Combustion: Easy and complete
Ashes: Compact and white/grey

Low-fermented for nearly 20 months and later aged for a minimum of 2 years, a remarkable natural maduro wrapper dresses the Nicarao Exclusivo cigars with perfect elegance. Considered the long fermentation times and the leaf thickness; having together such a maduro wrapper’s colour uniformity, a diversity of aromas, and a truly unique combustion quality. Being antagonists, the coexistence of those 3 parameters gives evidence of the exceptional process and expertise.
Nicarao Exclusivo is blended with vintage leaves. All 5 classes of leaves are processed for a minimum of 5 years including an exceptional 9 years aged ligero leaf.

Rolled with vintage leaves of an exceptional quality, Nicarao Exclusivo reveals an ample aromatic explosion with a medium to full body strength (#7 fortaleza). Its bouquet of perfumes and flavours softly melt down on the palate into a sweet silkiness. In the melody of aromas, animal, spicy, toasty, sweet, coffee and chocolate scents can be perceived. Also gorgeous and typical scents of vintage leaves can be lightly detected. Together with a rare evolution among well-balanced aromatic profiles, the combustion remains easy and complete during the whole tasting. Compact and white/grey ashes attest to the exceptional quality of both the raw materials and the rolling.

To insure their uttermost quality, Nicarao Exclusivo cigars are limited in production. First, the outstanding torcedores only can roll the Exclusivo; second, only a fixed and limited amount per day must be produced. Those 2 measures provide the objective excellence of the line.

Exquisite and accomplished, this blend is born with ardent passion, devoted expertise and the highest quality control. Nicarao Exclusivo is the fruit of virtuosity in cigar creation. An exceptional cigar!

With a cepo of 58 and 139 mm long (5½ inch), the Nicarao Exclusivo Robusto is a thick and long robusto.

This size is way more difficult to roll with consistency than thinner cigars, but offers 2 advantages. On one hand, its cepo (important diameter but not too big) allows the development of nice rich blend with the diversity of leaves allowed by the diameter. On the other hand, its length (slightly longer than a classic robusto) permits a very pleasant aromatic evolution during the tasting. This robusto is the perfect choice when one wants to taste a cigar with an enjoyable rich and progressive aromatic profile. A great cigar!

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